The heart of MINIARTEXTIL are minitextiles as the name of our exhibition: small artworks measuring 20 centimeters for side made with textile techiniques or materials.

Arte & Arte

In 1991, we took part in a collective art exhibition in Genoa and we thought of organizing a similar textile art exhibition in our city, Como.
If today Miniartextil is a name konwn all over the world, it's thanks to the passion of our last thirty years of work and thanks to the many artists who love the exhibition.
In 2020 we will celebrate 30 years: an important event that we would like to share with you all.

Nazzarena Bortolaso e Mimmo Totaro

What's New

Retrace the history of the first thirty years of MIniartextil on our catalogue published by Antiga Edizioni with critical essays by Giovanni Berera and Paolo Bolpagni. To buy it …
Waiting for the official inauguration of the four exhibitions that make up the thiertieth edition of Miniartextil, it's possible to visit the exhibition's backstage at Piancoteca …
From Saturday, 19 September to Sunday, 1 November, a work by Daniela Frongia will be at Palazzo Marliani Cicogna - Busto Arsizio. The Sardinian artist works with fabrics suc as …
Miniartextil POP UP will be at Samugheo - Sardinia Museo Murats until Sunday, 6 September, 2020. At this link all info about this new exhibition.