Minitextiles, little artwork realized by textile techiniques or materials, have always been the heart of Miniartextil exhibition project.

Minitextiles are little artoworks realized with textile techiniques or materials; they are works in a small format 20x20x20 centimeters for side, that were at the origins of Miniartextil as the event's title still cites: it has always reserved a special place for these works, although it no longer focuses on them alone.
The scale was not chosen to belittle them, but because of the intelligent identification of the carachter, or at least of the potential for experimentation and design, offered by textile art on such a small scale, although as a matter of fact it is often actually devised and eleborated to be created on a much larger scale.

Here the list of the 54-selezionati-2020.pdf for the 2020 ediition