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Would you like to take a trip on Lake Como? Here is a rare chance to discover the historical villas and houses hosting the international contemporary art installations.
Imagine a beautiful sunny sunday on a luxurious private boat with all the fragrance of nature and the sun on your skin.

Have your ever visited Cernobbio? It is a truly wonderful town nestling in the lake Como’s opening bay. The starting point of our excursion the magnificent art nouveau style Villa Bernasconi which exhibits fibre art works in its halls and gardens.
How about visiting the garden of Villa Carlotta and then just ten minutes later setting foot on shore at Bellagio?
You have the chance to visit, in just a few hours and in the utmost comfort, two of the most picturesque places overlooking lake Como, without the trouble of having to drive, park and organise a ferry crossing.
This and much more with the Arte&Arte Boat
A special tour of discovery of Lake Como from Art&Art for the 25th MINIARTEXTIL aboard a private boat that can take 130 people aboard. A unique opportunity to visit the exhibition venues of "INVITE TO THE TABLE. Art must become food for a meal all together (Maria Lai)".
As well as at Como’s former church of San Francesco the exhibition also takes place at Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio, Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and in the charming village of Bellagio.
There are professional tour guides for your day dedicated to the lake’s art and architectural heritage as well as to nature itself.

The service is available on Sunday May 17th 2015

The ticket entitles you to:
-  The boat tour from Cernobbio to Tremezzo and to Bellagio and back
-  Entry to Villa Bernasconi
-  Entry to Villa Carlotta: the House Museum and the Botanical Garden
-  A guided tour of the locations, the boat and around Bellagio
-  A brochure
- The chance save € 5 on the purchase of the catalogue (for € 10 instead of €15).
- Visit, whenever you wish, the main centre for the exhibition in Como up until when it ends on 21st June.
All this for just € 50 a person.
Compare the prices of the individual routes on the lake, the times and the changes, entry charges to Villa Carlotta and you will see just what a convenient and money saving offer this is.

8.30 Meeting up in Cernobbio at Villa Bernasconi. Welcome, presentation and a visit to the exhibition
09.45 Departure for Tremezzo
11.15 Arrival at Tremezzo at Villa Carlotta. A tour of the exhibits in the ground, in the House Museum and in the renowned botanical garden. Lunch when you wish in the Villa’s picnic areas of in the coffee and snack bar
2.00 Boat leaves for Bellagio
2.15  Arrival at Bellagio. Visit to the exhibition, the open-air installation and the pretty village itself
3.30 Departure for Cernobbio
5.00 Arrival at Cernobbio

Contact us and we will give you special offers for groups, families and schools.
Info at: Arte&Arte +39031305621 -

Download • CS ING battello Arte_Arte_1.pdf

Ophelia. The garden of love is the title chosen by Giuseppe Coco for his exhibition, presented in Como’s historical Broletto building (located in the Cathedral’s Place), from the 21st June to the 14th july 2013. The artist invades the space with a series of artworks and installations inspired by Ophelia, the female character of Amleto, the Shakespeare’s tragedy. Ophelia is in love with Hamlet, the protagonist of the drama, written from 1600 to 1602. She becames fool as a consequence of the murder of his father by Hamlet’s hand, and ends her life drowning herself in a river. Giuseppe Coco wants to represent the dark side of love, imperfect, soaked by pain and anger. The project Ophelia. The garden of love ask the public’s involvement: all the visitors are asked to bring in the exhibition site letters, pictures, reminders, reflections, videos or drawings dedicated to love, to create their own garden of love. Info:


For 2017, the Cultural Association Arte&Arte, on the occasion of the 27th edition of Miniartextil, a contemporary textile art exhibition will be held in Como from October, 7 to November, 26 2017 in the former church of San Francesco, will propose GIANCARLO E MARIALUISA SPONGA award, addressed to a young artist or a researcher in the contemporary fiber art.

By desire and action of Giancarlo Sponga, we would like to remember Marialuisa Sponga, a fiber artist who took part to several editions of Miniartextil and passed away in 2005, emotionally connected by a long friedship to Nazzarena Bortolaso and Mimmo Totaro.

Download • Bando premio SPONGA 2017 - ENG.pdf

The new theme for Miniartextil 2017 will be BORDERLINE. The new competition notice will be available on our website.
Borderline: what is shared in common with the other, whatever the other may be, or, what it may represent. Borderline is the border, physical, ideal or mental. Reflection is up to each of us.

Conditions of participation to the new minitextiles' contest 2017 BORDERLINE is avilable on PRESS PAGE.

Download • Bando Miniartextil 2017 ENG _ SCHEDA.doc

Arte&Arte associaiton is launching the new contest for the 26th edition of MINIARTEXTIL, having for theme TO WEAVE DREAMS.
Aplications must be submitted within Saturday April 16 2016.

We would like to drive artists' attention to the manual skills of creating fiber artworks. Everybody is invited to realise a dream, to make a wish, to weave hopes. A way to look backward, beyond the looms in order to get fascinated by the contemporary.

The 54 selected works will be exhibited in Como in the ex Church of san Francesco from October 1 to November 20 2016, than the show will be displayed in Montrouge, Paris and Venice.

Download • Miniartextil_2016_ENG_entry_form.pdf

“EVERYONE TO THE TABLE. May art be food for all”(Maria Lai).
Condition of participation to the new miniartextiles contest 2015.
May we remind you that the deadline for sending CD of your artwork and entry form is the 18th  October 2014.

Download • Bando mini 2015 INGLESE.pdf

The chosen theme for Miniartextil 2014 is GEA. Just a few months away from EXPO 2015 Milan, Arte&Arte has dedicated its 24th event to the Earth. It sets out a positive vision that celebrates its products, its richness and the diversity of life where true evolution is only possible where based on the profound connection there is between all living things and the planet that is their home.
The UN has declared 2014 the year of family farming. We see this us as one of the many points of departure for a return to roots, in every sense, to grasp the essence of life, of creativity and of art. This is indeed fertile terrain to be tended as a gift for our own future and for that of the generations to come. GEA was, according to Greek cosmogony, the first divinity to emerge from the chaos, mother earth herself. The fecund female principle, the earth that conceives and multiplies, that gives rise to the sky, the mountains and the seas. GEA is the place that generates and maintains life through the continuous alternation of life and death and of generation and destruction. Mother of all the gods and of all men and the ground into which the seed can spread its roots and the shoot may grow.

Arte&Arte is showing 18 Minitextile artworks, belonging to the Arte&Arte collection, from September the 3rd to September the 14th 2013, at the Maison de Culture du Japon in Paris. The eighteen artworks selected from the Collection Arte&Arte represent the work of a group of Japanese artists that left their mark, during the last 20 years, in the textile art exhibition Miniartextil, a show universally known as a reference point in the international textile contemporary art scenario.

We are working on EROS, the 23rd edition of Miniartextil, that will take place in Villa Olmo in Como from the 12th of October to the 1st of December 2013. This current year is one of the more difficult we have ever faced, due to the lack of public resources destinated to culture and to the economical crisis that is hitting the private factories. For this reason we decided to undertake a crowdfunding action, by submitting this web site IF YOU, AS WE DO, BELIEVE IN MINIARTEXTIL, APPRECIATE THE WORK WE HAVE DONE SO FAR IN MORE THAN 20 YEARS, WANT TO SEE THE CATALOGUE OF THIS YEAR'S EDITION PRINTED, please follow this link and support as: . We will be thankful for your help! WE TRUST in your COOPERATION Thank you!