To weave dreams

In 2016, dreams were the most important parte of the show.

In 2016, two work attracted public attention: TAPE, by Numen for Use, a giant sculpture made by 25 kilometres of scotch and Ignis Fatuus, realized by Crystal Wagner for Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio. Next to these works other beautiful installations and the 54 minitextiles.

54 minitextiles selected by an International Jury; The International Jury was composed by Luciano Caramel, Marie Deparis and Mimmo Totaro.

Sonia Clark
Whole Hole Hole Whole, 2015
Carmen Colibazzi
Beten?, 2016
Cecile Dachary
Une Ville, 2015
Thomas De Falco
TDF-WE, 2016
Janet Echelman
Possibile future of a line, travelling through the space and time, 2016
Marya Kazoun
Of ash and of lead, 2016
Nao Kimura
Cave of dreams, 2016
Inga Liksaite
Waterhome, 2016
Arturas Morozovas
The birth of kikimora, 2015
Simona Muzzeddu
Led Communication 2.0
Numen for Use
Tape, 2016
Raffaelle Penna
Scatole sentimentali, 2015

Crystal Wagner
Ignis Fatus, 2016