The twenty-fourth edition of International contemporary art exhibition took place in Como, Montrouge and Paris.

From her most distant origins in Greek mythology, Gea is a polysemous name that has been subject to variations over the millennia with the evolution of different cosmological, theosophical and Orphic traditions though it has retained its common identification, among all this diversity, with a divine generative force of creation.
Confimration this diversity are the just 14 installations on exhibition in this Miniartextil, not many as a statistical sample but nevertheless a far from insignificant number given the far flung provenances of the artists. These are both from different countries and from different continents, coming from Italy, France, Holland, Albania, Egypt and Japan, with further smaller works from another 46 nations, including Argentina, Germany, Lebanon, Chile and China, exhibiting the minitextiles, whose small size owes northing to the great installations in terms of quality.

54 minitextiles selected by an International Jury composed by Luciano Caramel, Dalia Gallico and Kela Cremaschi.

Mohamed Abouelnaga
Cairo 11, 2013
Machiko Agano
A woods, 2011
Maddalena Ambrosio
Senza titolo, 2013
Alejandro Guzzetti
Il giardino di Ediacara, 2014
Manabu Hangai
Wonder forest in Villa Olmo, 2014
Junko Imada
Mother, 2013
Maria Lai
Storia universale, 1982
Pascale Peyret
Anamorphose, 2014
Patrizia Polese
I love you 1, 2014
Benny Posca
Der Gummibaum, 2014
Fabrizio Pozzoli
Beneath, 2012
Mattia Vacca
A winter's tale, 2014
Eltjon Valle
400 kg. oil earth, 2013
Antoon Versteegde
Olm o'towert, 2014