In 2017 MIniartextil was dedicate to the theme Borderline, a particular word that indicates not only the boundary, but also the psychic value of meaning.

The theme of Miniartextil 2017 is Borderline, that which separates, but also that which unites, marking what it is that I have in common with the other, whatever or whoever that other may be, or whatever it is that lies beyond. After Como, the exhibition was in Montrouge Paris and Gif-sur-Yvette.

54 minitextiles selected by an International Jury; The International Jury was composed by Luciano Caramel, Maria Ortega and Andrea Taborelli.

El Anatsui
Seeds, 2016
Joel Andrianomearisoa
Untitled, 2010
Collettivo Arlaune Teatro
Pan-ge-a, 2017 - SPONGA AWARD 2017
Gin Angri
Borderline, 1988
Wlodzimierz Cygan
No-full, 2010
Alexandra Kehayoglou
Refugio para un recuerdo II, 2015
Katharina Lehmann
Black Cubes Solo, 2016 - SPONGA AWARD 2017
Rolands Krutovs
Porcelain Coasts, 2015
Emmanuelle Moureaux
Forest of numbers, 2017
Vitshois Bondo
Untitled, 2015
Jeroen Van Kesteren
Senza titolo, 2017
Brankica Zilovic
Embrace Again, 2017

Kiyonori Shimada
Division, 2009
Minitessili della Collezione Bortolaso-Totaro

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