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Mostra personale Jens J. Meyer
Mostra personale Jens J. Meyer 22/01/2016 - 13/03/2016


Via Piadeni, 5 - 22100 Como

Jens J. Meyer is an artist that Arte&Arte has collaborated with in the past. In 2008 at the Palazzo Mocenigo Museum in Venice and in Como in the following year at the 19th Miniartextil exhibition called "E lucean le stelle"
His works come from his visits to and studies of places where he seeks out the “spirit of place” that resides there. What follows are works that interact with the space, where the space adds to the structure itself and where the two elements establish a strong bond and compositional dialogue.

In his approach to his Art& Art Space presentation, Jens interested himself with what he perceived as the essence of the place.
The elongated interior was understood as being invaded by a "hanging" structure that would reflect its form and draw attention to its dimensions.
A long wooden beam is supported a few centimetres above the floor by ropes and sails that converge on the sidewalls. A sensation of surprise is aroused by the suspended feature, by the lightness of the whole structure and by the new perception of the environment which partakes of feelings of its sanctity and timelessness.


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