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The chosen theme for the 27th edition of Miniartextil is "Borderline,"  which literally means, on the border, originates from the Latin term cum-finis - that which divides and at the same time  unites, what is shared in common with the other, whatever the other may  be, or, what it may represent. The concept of border reminds us of the concept of otherness, but also that of a shared identity: a conceptually logical chain for the artist to consider in this current edition of Arte&Arte for Miniartextil in Como, Italy, a border city between Italy and Switzerland. On one hand, humankind has been constructing useful borders from our beginning.  On the other hand, the artificiality of borders, and on their potential deviation creates situations often seen in history and nowadays are easily verifiable, as  in the slow and difficult processes of construction and unification of the European Union.

The adjective borderline is also widely used in psychiatry, indicating someone who suffers from unstable relationships and unstable emotions, resulting in instability.

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