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The cultural association Arte&Arte since 1991, has been annually realising MINIARTEXTIL, a contemporary international fiber art exhibition, that up to its 26th edition has became a reference point for artists from all over the world.
Since September 2015, the association has a new main seat. An extremely adaptable space ready to welcome those who will enjoy discovering the world of contemporary art.
Our aim is to captivate people with a range of proposals such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences, film projections, live performances and plays, children workshops realized in cooperation with other cultural entities.
Furthermore, Arte&Arte wishes to be a reference point for researchers in the field of textile art, thanks to its archive that gathers thousands of images, texts, documents and videos, offering a wide panorama over the last 30 years of contemporary textile art.
Several times, the work conducted by the cultural association has been subject of studies and graduations thesis.

Nazzarena Bortolaso
Vice President
Mimmo Totaro
Organization coordinator
Paola Re
Press office
Lara Treppiede
PR and Fundraising
Chiara Anzani
SUONI D'ARTE Art Direction
Luigi Fabbri -->


Basically utilised as organizational structure of the Contemporary Textile Art Exhibition MINIARTEXTIL, that has been annually realised since 1991, Arte&Arte during all the years, has organized several cultural events as contemporary art exhibitions, conferences, concerts and living-performances.


19/05/2018 - 20/05/2018


29/01/2018 - 30/04/2018



Mimmo Totaro alla Triennale Internazionale di Lodz
31/07/2016 - 30/10/2016 / Tre artisti italiani alla 15° edizione della Triennale polacca

TRANSITI mostra personale Giuseppe Coco
07/07/2016 - 30/07/2016 / Allo SPAZIO ARTE&ARTE dal 7 luglio

Mattia Vacca e Arturas Morozovas allo SPAZIO ARTE&ARTE
11/06/2016 - 25/06/2016 / La mostra dei due fotogiornalisti a Como

PERCORSI...mostra di Marialuisa Sponga
09/04/2016 - 30/04/2016 / La fiber art allo SPAZIO ARTE&ARTE

Inaugurazione SPAZIO ARTE&ARTE
22/01/2016 - 23/01/2016 / Ospite d'onore Jens J. Meyer

Mostra personale Jens J. Meyer
22/01/2016 - 13/03/2016 / Allo SPAZIO ARTE&ARTE

Arte&Arte alla X Biennale di Kaunas
18/09/2015 - 31/12/2015

Il Battello di Arte&Arte/The boat Arte&Arte
17/05/2015 - 17/05/2015 / 17 maggio 2015

15/06/2014 - 15/06/2014 / 15 giugno Foyer Teatro Sociale - COMO

08/05/2014 - 11/05/2014 / An Art and Music Event

Lotteria di Natale
28/11/2012 - 15/12/2012

La dimensione nascosta
17/05/2012 - 07/06/2012 / mostra personale di Mimmo Totaro

22/07/2011 - 18/09/2011 / solo show by Anna Paola Cibin

in vendita in mostra il catalogo dei vent'anni
28/08/2010 - 12/09/2010 / 5° rassegna di libri d'artista

Il grande cerchio litico
24/10/2009 / lettura di un ritrovamento enigmatico

29/08/2009 - 13/09/2009 / Altrepagine 4,personale di Vito Capone

IN Show
27/03/2009 - 29/03/2009 / La Fiera dell'Eccellenza


Appuntamento con il WWF
I valori della cultura
11/10/2008 / Economia e indotto degli eventi d'arte

23/08/2008 - 07/09/2008 / Giuseppe Coco - Libri d'Artista

Kaunas Art Biennial
30/11/2007 - 02/03/2008 / Textile 2007

Altre Pagine II
25/08/2007 - 09/09/2007 / Rassegna d'arte contemporanea di libri d'artista

Mimmo Totaro
17/02/2007 - 01/03/2007 / Le Muse

Textile Art Venezia
27/10/2006 - 08/01/2007 / Collezione Bortolaso Totaro

Altre Pagine
26/08/2006 - 10/09/2006 / Rassegna d'arte contemporanea di libri d'artista

Nino Lo Duca
15/07/2006 - 01/10/2006 / Arte e Fotografia 1972-2005

Francesco Corbetta
11/05/2006 - 28/05/2006 / Como, Città olte molteplici orizzonti

Giuseppe Coco
08/06/2003 - 20/07/2003 / Carichi Dispersi

A Filo d'Acqua
16/01/1994 - 13/02/1994 / Arte d'impatto ambientale


On occasion of the 28^ edition of Miniartextil – HUMANS Arte&Arte presents the SPONGA AWARD CONTEST opened to young artists and young researchers under 35 about contemporary fiber art.
An award in memory of Marialuisa Sponga, fiber artist and friend of Miniartextil.

Arte&Arte presents the contest for the next edition of Miniartextil.
The theme will be HUMANS. Deep thought about what is happening in the world today has led to the choice of a term whose meaning necessarily embraces us all. We are asking the artists to take on a subject that requires serious reflection about themselves, their work, their ideas of Utopia, their dreams, and their human and spiritual relationships. Through their work we can look at ways of sketching the outlines of a future and uncertain world. The intuition will be provided by artists able to imagine future worlds before others do, and perhaps help us dare to hope that we can truly regain that humanity which is ever more in peril. Today art is a final bulwark. Something not swayed by fashion or special interests, often villainous at that, providing a response to prevailing airs of indifference and inhumanity.

Would you like to take a trip on Lake Como? Here is a rare chance to discover the historical villas and houses hosting the international contemporary art installations.
Imagine a beautiful sunny sunday on a luxurious private boat with all the fragrance of nature and the sun on your skin.

Have your ever visited Cernobbio? It is a truly wonderful town nestling in the lake Como’s opening bay. The starting point of our excursion the magnificent art nouveau style Villa Bernasconi which exhibits fibre art works in its halls and gardens.
How about visiting the garden of Villa Carlotta and then just ten minutes later setting foot on shore at Bellagio?
You have the chance to visit, in just a few hours and in the utmost comfort, two of the most picturesque places overlooking lake Como, without the trouble of having to drive, park and organise a ferry crossing.
This and much more with the Arte&Arte Boat
A special tour of discovery of Lake Como from Art&Art for the 25th MINIARTEXTIL aboard a private boat that can take 130 people aboard. A unique opportunity to visit the exhibition venues of "INVITE TO THE TABLE. Art must become food for a meal all together (Maria Lai)".
As well as at Como’s former church of San Francesco the exhibition also takes place at Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio, Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo and in the charming village of Bellagio.
There are professional tour guides for your day dedicated to the lake’s art and architectural heritage as well as to nature itself.

The service is available on Sunday May 17th 2015

The ticket entitles you to:
-  The boat tour from Cernobbio to Tremezzo and to Bellagio and back
-  Entry to Villa Bernasconi
-  Entry to Villa Carlotta: the House Museum and the Botanical Garden
-  A guided tour of the locations, the boat and around Bellagio
-  A brochure
- The chance save € 5 on the purchase of the catalogue (for € 10 instead of €15).
- Visit, whenever you wish, the main centre for the exhibition in Como up until when it ends on 21st June.
All this for just € 50 a person.
Compare the prices of the individual routes on the lake, the times and the changes, entry charges to Villa Carlotta and you will see just what a convenient and money saving offer this is.

8.30 Meeting up in Cernobbio at Villa Bernasconi. Welcome, presentation and a visit to the exhibition
09.45 Departure for Tremezzo
11.15 Arrival at Tremezzo at Villa Carlotta. A tour of the exhibits in the ground, in the House Museum and in the renowned botanical garden. Lunch when you wish in the Villa’s picnic areas of in the coffee and snack bar
2.00 Boat leaves for Bellagio
2.15  Arrival at Bellagio. Visit to the exhibition, the open-air installation and the pretty village itself
3.30 Departure for Cernobbio
5.00 Arrival at Cernobbio

Contact us and we will give you special offers for groups, families and schools.
Info at: Arte&Arte +39031305621 -